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How to find us

The University of Regensburg is located in the city south. It can be easily reached by bus or also with your car:

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Our Office

The office of the Refugee Law Clinic Regensburg is located in the basement of the building RW(L) on the north side of campus. Here is a map of the surroundings:

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How to find us from the bus station

You can reach the university from the central bus terminal at „Albertstraße“ via routes 2B to „Karl-Stieler-Straße“, 4 to „Universität“, 6 to „Klinikum“ and 11 to „Burgweinting“. You have to get off at the station called „Universität“.
From there you go towards the high building directly behind the bus station. Pass it on its left side and go into the entrance to the „Sammelgebäude“. Once you are in, go down the stairs to your left into the cafeteria. On the bottom of the stairs go right and immediately left through the revolving door into the yard. Turn right and go past the sculpture through the glass doors. You should now be standing before the H12 auditorium (look for an orange sign with „H12“ on it). Go left trough the glass doors and turn right. Go straight ahead through two sets of glass doors. There should be a short flight of stairs. Go up and then right through another set of glass doors. Now turn right an go down the stairs. Follow the signs from there. The office is through the hallway on the right and has a sign with our logo on the door.